Changes on page, new projects

2010-02-22 11:00:45

As you can see, or maybe not, the webpage has moved to a new server. Added SVN, corrected bug associated with the collection of some of the projects (it was not possible to downloading the file). There was added a lot of old projects - I was able to recover data from the old disk. More

Webpage again fully functional

2010-01-06 12:02:00

Over the last 2 days I devoted some time to improve a few things have changed as you see links to more elegant. Switching between languages will no longer throw to home. A detail project reached more information about the downloaded files, as eg number of downloads. Currently, the counter is everywhere equal to 0, but over time will continue to increase ... Downloading is only charged once per IP address. Good luck, this week try to add a few projects that I managed to scrape the last, mainly in the study. More

Some bugs on webpage

2009-11-24 19:52:47

The site currently there are some kind of "bugs". Actually, this feature is due to change of database structure and other updates to the extensions necessary project management capabilities. These errors will be removed shortly. More

Webpage is alive

2009-08-22 10:42:58

After a week of planing. Atlast I set up main engine of this webpage. Subpages Projects and Main Page are working now in 100%. Other pages like contact, forum, faq or CV i will add later. More

inz. Piotr Zegar PIOTR ZEGAR

Welcome on my homepage. You will find here multiple programs that I created. My favorite programming language is C/C++. Design patterns, multi-threading issues, undefined behavior, program optimizations and other tips and tricks are familiar to me. Don't forget to check a 'Projects' sub-page.
Robot 1.1 for Lynx 6

State: Closed
Add date: 2010-02-11 13:35:12

A program to control a robot Lynx 6 via COM port