Changes on page, new projects

2010-02-22 11:00:45

As you can see, or maybe not, the webpage has moved to a new server. Added SVN, corrected bug associated with the collection of some of the projects (it was not possible to downloading the file). There was added a lot of old projects - I was able to recover data from the old disk.

Many projects have changed the licenses Freeware to GPL or LGPL. Although these projects will be developed - at least by me.

In the short term I will add few extra old programs, some will be modified to make them still work. But I will not elaborate here, just suggest that between them will be at least 3 programs for Lineage 2, the programs without which I can not imagine the game.

As we all know has recently been valentines, some people spend some time with they girls. I stuck to drinking beer when reading specyfication of JSR 316, 318, 317, 314, 299.

I recommend them, the links below:


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